Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Pregnancy Files - Less Than Three Weeks to Go!

I know it's been a long time since I've updated about the pregnancy! It's been fairly uneventful and wonderful!!

Symptoms are pretty typical for thirty-six weeks! The worst is the pelvic floor pain. It hurts to lift my feet to put on my pants or to walk up a few steps or to climb into a vehicle. Putting on and taking off even slip-on shoes sends a zap of pain to my pelvis. Rolling over in bed is very painful. Even sitting down and getting back up is quite painful. I'm limiting my time outdoors now because of the pain. I plan on trips out of the house being no longer than two hours so that I'm not in extreme pain later on.

I get heartburn just like most pregnant women do. Thankfully, it's fairly mild compared to previous pregnancies and typically only rears at night!

I'm still able to wear all of my shoes and my wedding rings. Swelling is very very minimal and on some days completely nonexistant!

Cloth diapering
One cover missing from picture--another yellow one
I've finished the diaper covers I was going to make. I only made five covers just in case there's something about them I want to tweak or change. PUL is expensive and something I don't want to waste! All of my prefold diapers are dyed and ready to go.

We also have some homemade diapers made that aren't shown here because my mom hasn't given them to me yet. I'll share a picture of my full stash once everything is set up and ready to go. I may even make a blog post about how cloth diapering works for us and how I wash the diapers, etc.

Total Weight Gain: 6 pounds 
Stretch Marks: Still no new ones this pregnancy...yet
Sleep/Insomnia: Sleep-deprived but not quite on an insomnia level
Cravings: Chili and grilled cheese for weeks!
Symptoms: constipation still, pelvic girdle pain
Belly button: Barely an inny!
Wedding rings: Still on! Thank you, Lord!

Looking forward to: BABY!!

Coming Soon!
I hope to make my next post about what's in our hospital bag(s)!