Want Me to Review Your Book?

updated March 2014

Are you taking book requests?
I am taking book review requests at this time. However, I won't review everything that comes my way. I get a good amount of requests, so unfortunately I cannot read them all. I'm selective because I want to give a good amount of time to reading your book so that I can give a fair review.

What are your limitations?
My biggest request is that your books contain no profanity or sexual scenes. I'm not interested in that. The majority of books I read are Christian in nature; but I'm not opposed to reading books that aren't by Christian publishers, as long as they're clean in nature and are part of a genre that I enjoy.

Here are the types of books I may agree to review:
Fiction: Christian romance, Chick-lit, comedy, suspense/mystery, YA fiction, Amish fiction, adventure, historical and general fiction. I also MAY read fantasy, if you catch me in the mood. However, I'm not interested in vampires or anything supernatural like ghosts and the like.

Non-fiction: curriculum (elementary, middle school, Sunday school), biographies, Bible history, parenting topics

Still not sure? You can look at my reviews to see what kinds of books I enjoy to see if yours is a good fit.

E-book or paper copy?
I will accept either. I read on a Kindle if you prefer to send me an E-book copy.

Will you review an advanced copy?
I prefer a final copy, but I've done a couple of ARCs (see here and here), so if you want me to review an ARC, I'm not opposed to that. If you send me an ARC, let me know if you are opposed to my giving it away when I'm finished. ARCs cannot go to libraries, so I believe in distributing them to others who might like to read them (once the publishing date has passed). I do not sell ARCs.

How soon can you have the review done?
If the book is part of a book tour, I will follow the guidelines for what day I am scheduled to complete the review. Otherwise, it may take two weeks to six weeks, depending on what's going on in my life at the time and how many books I've got waiting on me, of course.

What can I expect from a review?
You can expect honesty. If it's well-written, edited, has nicely created characters, has a great story line that I enjoy, then you can expect a good rating. However, I do not promise 5-star ratings. For books that I don't enjoy, I state what it is about them that I would like to have seen done differently.

What else can you do?
If you would like me to host a giveaway, I can do that. If my time is not limited, I might even ask you if you would be interested in an author interview. My review will be posted here on my blog, shared on Facebook, Amazon.com, Goodreads, and Twitter.

If your novel lines up with my preferences, feel free to fill out this form:

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