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BookSneeze Book Review - John Bunyan

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I enjoy a good biography. However, it is not often that I read a biography about someone who lived so long ago as John Bunyan. In fact, I'd never read anything about John Bunyan's life. I read The Pilgrim's Progress while in high school, but never knew anything personal of Bunyan. The title "John Bunyan," written by Kevin Belmonte, is a nice book for someone like myself who knows little about John Bunyan. This title is part of a series of biographies by Thomas Nelson Publishers called "Christian Encounters." The book is written in an easy, flowing manner. The titles are not lengthy. The book is only 169 pages, including the Epilogue, bibliography, and some notes.
The book brings out the major points of Bunyan's life--his birth as a brazier's son, small details about his childhood, his life as an adult, his spiritual journey, his writing, and his struggles. However, I wish that this book had gone into more detail about his spiritual walk. As I mentioned, his spiritual journey was discussed, but I feel that more time could have been spent on that aspect of Bunyan's life.

For someone who has never read anything about John Bunyan, I feel I've come away from reading this book with a greater understanding about one of history's most brilliant writers. I now have a greater appreciation for The Pilgrim's Progress, and I want to soon read it again.
Basically, here's the run-down of what I think of the book:
Ease of reading ................ 5/5
Supporting Details ............. 4/5
Sufficient Length .............. 5/5
Ability to hold my interest ... 4/5
Overall Impression ............. 4/5

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