Thursday, September 16, 2010

What in the World is Going On? - A Book Sneeze Review

I received this book as a BookSneeze member to read and review.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have never read anything by Dr. David Jeremiah (yes, I've been deprived), but I love reading about prophecy. Dr. Jeremiah touched on several different aspects regarding "end times", but his biggest focus is how what's going on in our world today stacks up against the ticking clock that will mark the end of life as we know it.

This book was published in 2008, and while much of the information is reported from the year 2007, it still remains quite meaningful. If you've paid any attention at all to world events since 2007, you would realize that we're even closer to Christ's return.

In this book, Dr. Jeremiah discusses the role that Israel has played and will play in prophecy, how he feels that the nations in Europe (and probably the US too) will unite under the emblem of the EU, the ever-present situation with terrorism, whether or not America plays a role in prophecy, the Antichrist, Armageddon, and the return of the King.

This was a very interesting read, very easy to follow. Dr. Jeremiah's thoughts and speculations are backed by scripture (not the version that I read, but hey, it gives me another opportunity to flip through my Bible, doesn't it?). I enjoyed the entire book, but especially the end where he discusses the return of the King! What believer doesn't anticipate the day when Jesus will establish Himself as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? Faithful and True is He!

Here's the run-down of what I think of the book:
Ease of reading ................ 5/5
Supporting Details ............. 5/5
Sufficient Length .............. 5/5
Ability to hold my interest ... 5/5
Overall Impression ............. 5/5

I am a member of BookSneeze, a fabulous program through Thomas Nelson. BookSneeze sends members free books to read and keep in exchange for written reviews on a blog and on a major retailer's website (such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble).

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