Saturday, February 12, 2011

Indivisible - a Waterbrook Multnomah Review

Indivisible, written by Kristen Heitzmann, was a good read. This is one of those books that I tend to not read much of, simply because mystery/suspense isn't something I enjoy on the whole. However, this was a book that was well-written, character-wise, and so it made it easier for me to enjoy it.

I want to get my pickiness aside before I tell you what I liked about the book. There was some mild profanity in this book (not a lot, but one word is too much for me) that I just didn't feel was necessary. Yup, it is a suspense book, laced with a little murder-intrigue, but profanity is just something I can't shrug off. It is possible to show the profane side of a character without using the language. And that's all I'll say about that.

The main characters in the story were well fleshed out, once I got into the gist of the story. At first, there were a lot of questions popping into my head, and sometimes if there are too many questions in the story, I'll lose interest. Thankfully, Kristen had plenty of spice thrown in that the questions didn't overwhelm me. By the time I finally got to the answers, it all made sense, and the questions and answers came together nicely.

Jonah Westfall, main guy and Chief of police, had been in love with Tia Manning since childhood. However, when he decided to marry her sister Reba, Tia was crushed. However, Jonah and Tia had a short fling, for which was discovered--literally--by Tia's family. The result was that Jonah's impending marriage was doomed, Tia's family moved away, and Jonah and Tia were never the same. They avoided each other throughout the town, harboring their own demons and skeletons in the closet. But when a new, mysterious vet moves in to town and fixes her eyes on Jonah, chaos ensues. Added to the fact that there are supportive characters who also have their own problems, Indivisible makes for an action-packed book that'll keep you on your toes.

I received Indivisible as a complimentary gift in exchange for review from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers.

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