Monday, July 4, 2011

Seek Me with all your Heart - a BookSneeze review

Seek Me with all your Heart, written by Beth Wiseman, was a fantastic book! I've had the privilege of reading and reviewing several of Beth's books, and I have to say they're just fabulous reads. Beth never lets her readers down!

Seek Me with all your Heart is book one in the Land of Canaan series. Emily Detweiler, the heroine, and her Amish family had recently uprooted from their Ohio community and settled in Canaan, Colorado, where they had hoped to start anew. Emily had faced unbelievable circumstances in Ohio, which caused her faith to be battered.

David Stoltzfus's family moved to Colorado due to financial reasons. Because of a health condition that David had suffered, his medications would be costly for the rest of his life. However, David's parents hadn't told him this, so he wasn't aware of the real reason for moving to Colorado. David was determined to save his money and eventually move back home to Paradise, Pennsylvania. David had his own burdens and reasons for remaining single. But then he met Emily and things began to change.

If you're an avid reader of Amish fiction, you'll love this book! I highly recommend it and I have to say that this is definitely:

Beth has available a sample of the first few pages of this book that you can listen to on her website.

Please visit Beth today!

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