Monday, August 8, 2011

Health & Beauty Products I LOVE!

I was just thinking the other morning while I was doing my morning "beautifying" routine that I need to make a blog entry about the products that I love the most. There are certain beauty and health products that I would truly hate to see go away because I absolutely love them. And here is a list of those things I LOVE (in no particular order).

Coconut Oil
I have recently bought coconut oil in order to make homemade deodorant. I LOVE it! Not only can it be used in the making of deodorant, coconut oil is also very good for you. It can be used for dry skin and irritating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. (Combine it with honey, and it feels so awesome on the face!!) My grandfather is a barber, and I remember he always had a jar of Coconut Oil in his shop; it's a great dandruff-buster and hair conditioner!! It also is a healing agent for cuts and scrapes. I hear that coconut oil rubbed on the forehead is also good for stress. (Haven't tried it yet myself though.) It also supposedly helps in digestion, vitamin absorption, irritating bowel problems (IBS), stimulates metabolism, and improves thyroid function. Coconut oil is a must-have for me from now on!!

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals
I LOVE this stuff! This makeup is the only makeup I've ever had that has not broken out my skin. In fact, it has done the opposite!! The acne that I used to have all the time--great big zits, y'all--are all but gone. I just thought that I was one of those unfortunate adults who was cursed with acne forever. Obviously, I still get little teeny things when hormones hit that crucial stage during the month, but as for the huge, ugly beasts that I got regularly, they are gone. I highly recommend this makeup for any adults (and teens) who struggle with sensitive skin like I do. It's a little more expensive than the typical Cover Girl products I used to buy, but it lasts me a long time (especially the blush). Typically, the foundation lasts three months and sometimes a little longer. So when you consider $16 on foundation for three months' time (especially knowing that it won't break your skin out!), that's a pretty good deal.

Organix shampoos and conditioners
This brand is my absolute favorite. It's an organic shampoo and conditioner (and sulfate free!) that leaves the hair's natural oils intact. I use the "flavor" you see on the left because my hair tends to get dry. There are other blends like, but not limited to, cherry blossom ginseng, coconut milk, vanilla silk, teatree mint, and coconut butter.

This shampoo can be found at most pharmacies and stores like Walmart. I'm able to buy each bottle around $6 at Walmart, and they last me about three months. (I wash my hair every other day.)

Renpure Organics
This is another organic shampoo and conditioner that I like. I also use the "flavor" that you see on the left: it's the pomegranate, papaya and olive leaf. I came upon this brand by accident. I'd sent my husband shopping at Walmart one day and he came back with this instead of my usual Organix brand of shampoo. I was a little worried at first, but when I tried it, I was pleasantly surprised. It works about as well as Organix, and is just slightly cheaper than Organix. I am able to buy it just shy of $6 at Walmart. They also have other blends. Check them out!

Essential oils
A few years ago, if someone had talked to me about the use of essential oils, I'd have thought they were old school. I won't discount traditional medicine, but the use of essential oils in treating simple problems (and even some complex ones!) shouldn't be forgotten. Grandma's use of cloves for your toothache wasn't just some back hills remedy. It worked.

I LOVE lavender. I absolutely love it, and have used it so often for healing acne and boils and the like that it has become a staple in my medicine cabinet. Add to the fact that it's soothing and relaxing, and you've got a winner.

I also regularly use lemon oil, peppermint oil on occasion, Thieves oil (though I'm mildly allergic to cinnamon, so I have to use with caution), and tea tree oil. If you don't know much about the healing properties of essential oils, I highly recommend you look into it!

Melt and Pour Soaps
I love making my own soap. There are companies out there like Bramble Berry who sell organic melt and pour bases so that you can make whatever flavor of soap you want. Twenty-five pounds will cost you about $40, but you can make a looooot of soap with 25 pounds! Add some essential oils like Rosemary or Tea Tree and some fragrance oils that you like, and you're set!

Amber necklace
I was first introduced to amber for headaches by my friend Kristin. She'd found a website called Inspired by Flynn. The website features necklaces, bracelets, etc. that have healing properties. You can read here about the healing properties in amber.

What are the health and beauty products that you cannot live without? Please share!!

I have not been paid to review any of these products. My opinions are my own.


  1. It is important when recommending products (especially one hopes on a religious board) that you make it clear whether you do or do not receive compensation for this. If you DO receive compensation you are manipulative and twisted and may be subject to legal action. If you do NOT receive compensation, then presumably you are just trying to make things lovely for other Christian women, should they want to look just like you.

    Blog managers are cracking down on this kind of thing so it is a good idea to state your intentions.

  2. I'm fully aware of what you're talking about, if you'll see all of my previous blog entries. If I received an item for free for review, I would have stated so, as I have done so on my book reviews that I have received in exchange for review. :) Thanks for your comment, though.

    I don't think anyone likes to hear someone suggest they might be manipulative. That smarts!


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