Friday, December 16, 2011

How Do We Know the Bible Is True - a Creation Conversations review

Written by Ken Ham (President of Answers in Genesis) and Bodie Hodge, How Do We Know the Bible Is True? is a book that I believe all pastors should have in their church libraries, and all Christians should keep on their shelves at home. This book is relevant to today's issues; it answers questions that many new Christians may not know, and it helps defend the faith.

The book tackles many topics, including my favorites (but not limited to):
- Is the Old Testament reliable? This chapter discusses how historical records were kept back in Biblical days.
- Is the New Testament reliable? This chapter explains why that it IS reliable.
- Is Genesis a Derivation from Ancient Myths? Is it all just hearsay or legends passed down?
- What about the Factual Claims in the DaVinci Code? I love this chapter!
- Polygamy in the Light of Scripture
- Laminin and the Cross - fascinating chapter!!
- How Were People Saved Before Jesus Died on the Cross?

This is a book that can easily be shared with a teen class at church or even included in a homeschool curriculum for older students. It would also be perfect for a church Bible study or a book discussion. Or if you're like me and you enjoy reading Apologia and Hermeneutics, you'll enjoy this one as well. :)

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