Friday, January 27, 2012

Unhallowed Ground - a Kregel Review

Unhallowed Ground, the fourth book in the Hugh de Singleton series, was written by Mel Starr.

Unhallowed Ground continues the story of Hugh de Singleton, a surgeon and bailiff in 14th Century England. When an enemy of Hugh's suddenly is found swinging from a tree, Hugh finds himself investigating the situation. When everyone in town assumes that Thomas atte Bridge has committed suicide, Hugh is not so sure upon investigation. Though atte Bridge was an enemy, Hugh finds himself in the middle of a suspicious situation when he finds clues that lead him to believe that Thomas was murdered. What makes the investigation most difficult is that Hugh wasn't Thomas' only enemy; he had made many during his life.

Hugh is plunged into a lengthy investigation that leads to many dead ends along the way!

I loved this story, and I was thrilled to be allowed to review this book. I also have reviewed one of Starr's books before, and you can read that {here}. Starr puts incredible detail into his books, and it's obvious that he has done a wealth of research on Medieval England. In the front of the book, you will find a glossary of words that Starr uses in the story, as well as a map of the setting of the story. His weaving of the personality and character of Hugh de Singleton is wonderful, and I truly enjoy reading this series.

If you are interested in reading an excerpt of this story, you can go to {this} link, which will take you to Kregel Publications where you can download a pdf copy of Chapter 1. You can also go to Mel's website to read about the other books he has written, and about the fifth book that is planned for this series.

I received Unhallowed Ground as a complimentary gift in exchange for review from Kregel Blog Tours. My comments and opinions are my own.

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