Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Company - a Litfuse Review

The Company, a Christian allegory novel written by Chuck Graham, is a solid 249 pages, a pretty fast read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

At first, it was hard to get into. I struggled at first trying to figure out what it was a "picture" of. This is not a book whose ending can be predicted, which I LOVE--it kept me glued, fascinated, spellbound! Knowing that this book was an allegory--it says so on the back of the book :P--I kept trying to put the puzzle together. Slowly the picture revealed itself, and the more that was revealed, the more I wanted to keep reading.

The story began explaining that a meteor impacted the earth, causing death and total darkness. Only a small community of individuals remained alive, and they struggled to survive in the darkness, without power, natural resources, and limited food stores. When a Voice appears out of the darkness to offer assistance, they take him up on his offer. The main story takes place seventy years after the Yonders bring the residents of Brigon Glen power and light. When arguments and attitudes leave three parts of the Power Company fighting over how the original Plan should be followed and/or adapted, six individuals selected from the separate factions are selected to meet with the leader of the company regarding terms of the future. All six individuals have different opinions and ideas, and one individual Sam--ironically the lowest person on the totem pole of the six--has all of the responsibility placed on his shoulders to develop a progress report regarding the others' positions in the Company.

Fascinating read. I loved it!

About the Book:
A meteor strike plunges the world into darkness. A stranger to the village of Brigos Glen restores power and light, supplied by three businesses, known as “The Company,” located beyond the forbidden mountains. The stranger reveals a plan so the Brigons can maintain the power and share the light with outlying territories, which remain shrouded in darkness.

Now, seventy years later, The Company summons six Brigons, including the young engineer Sam Mitchell, to attend a conference in the mountains of the forbidden Outlands. 

Responsible for compiling a report about Brigos Glen from his five companions, Sam learns how managers and villagers largely ignored the plan or compromised it to self-interest, forsaking their duty to share the light. They also took for granted The Company responsible for generating and transmitting the power.

In an ordeal fraught with failure, revelations, and judgment, Sam discovers the true identity behind The Company and learns the fate that may befall Brigos Glen . . . that is, unless he can stop it.
About Chuck:
Chuck Graham's legal career as an attorney in private practice spanned more than thirty-one years. He represented many local, national, and international clients, acquiring intricate knowledge about the often-overlapping structures of the corporate world. He also worked against those seeking to create racial division, including the Ku Klux Klan. He has served as a member of the state bar of Georgia since 1979 and an instructor to attorneys and judges through the Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE). He received the Medallion of Appreciation from ICLE. Chuck is also a speaker and the author of Take the Stand (Broadman & Holman Publishers, 1996) and the compilations, A Year of Encouragement (Xulon Press). In 1997 he founded Ciloa (Christ Is Lord Of All), a ministry devoted to sharing God’s encouragement with the world and teaching those who follow Him how to encourage others. Today Chuck serves as executive director and principal author of A Note of Encouragement, a weekly e-zine reaching 175 countries. He and Beverly, his wife of thirty-four years, have lived in Lawrenceville, a suburb of Atlanta, for fourteen years. God has blessed them with three children. In his free time, Chuck enjoys backpacking and hiking (especially on the Appalachian Trail), playing the guitar, dabbling in photography, and reading extensively about the Christian faith.

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I received The Company as a complimentary gift in exchange for review from Litfuse Publicity Group. I was not required to give a favorable review; my opinions are my own.

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