Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas with Strategic Shopping by Candy Foote

I've been given the opportunity to read and review Christmas with Strategic Shopping by Candy Foote (I also reviewed Strategic Shopping). Christmas is usually a time where we all run around like crazy trying to buy gifts, attend and host parties, bake, etc. In Candy's book, she gives excellent tips for how to appropriately gift and food shop while keeping your wallet from feeling empty.

I really enjoyed this book. I've always waited till the last minute to do my Christmas shopping, and I always end up spending more than I want to. So with her helpful advice, I hope to make this next Christmas a little less spendy.

Candy has monthly sections that suggest what things you can purchase at wholesale prices. For example, I think we all love the after Christmas sales. You can stock up on some nice things for the following Christmas.

She also has a section after each month detailing little ideas from "Christmas at the Foote House". One of my favorites was Pitch In Jar. The idea behind Pitch In Jar is to specify a charity that you want to save up for and throw your spare change into it. Once it's filled, you donate it!

If you enjoy saving money or just want to feel less of a pinch for next Christmas, check out Candy's book!

About Christmas with Strategic Shopping – The Twelve Months of Christmas  

Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of the year.  It's also the most stressful time of the year! Decorating, baking, parties, and gift buying all stuffed into the month of December can burden down the best of us!

Candy Foote is a  mother of 12 who loves to overdo at the holidays!  She loves to go all out on all of it, especially the gift giving!So, how does she manage to do it without having to spend the next five months of the new year paying for all of it? Sadly, many Americans actually do spend January through May trying to pay off Christmas debt!

Candy's newest book --  Christmas with Strategic Shopping: The Twelve Months of Christmas -- shows you month-by-month how you can prepare for the holidays, taking the stress out of Christmas and making room for you to actually enjoy the holidays with your family.

Christmas with Strategic Shopping lists exactly what you should be buying each month.  It teaches that stores have a specific time where they mark just about everything in the store down to a rock-bottom price.

This book will bring you into the life of a mega family's celebration of Christmas. You can apply these principles into yourown holiday celebration.

Don't panic – it doesn't require you to have twelve children in order to apply these techniques!

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