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Mission of Mercy Series - a Litfuse Review

I was given the opportunity to read the Mission of Mercy Series (January 2011, March 2011, and May 2011 Love Inspired Suspense novels) for review. The books were easily read, and Susan May Warren is the author of all of these books.
Point of No Return is a story about Chet Stryker, head of Stryker International security team and Mae Lund, experienced flyer. When Mae's nephew Josh goes on a mission trip and then turns up missing at the same time as a young lady ends up missing. Chet is asked by the CIA to find the young lady and Josh, and Mae Lund ends up finding him in Georgia. Mae and Chet, no strangers, reluctantly band together to find the two missing young people. A brush with terrorists and Chet's own "shoot-to-kill" status in the country of Georgia (due to his previous experience in Georgia causing him to be an unpopular guy there) makes their situation a little complicated. Or should I say, VERY complicated!
I highly recommend this book if you like suspense.

Mission: Out of Control is the second story that I read in this series. Brody "Wick" Wickham is an ex-Green Beret now on the payroll of Stryker International security team. He has been assigned the job of protecting a Senator's daughter. Veronica "Vonya" Wagner, American rock star, becomes a thorn in Wick's side as he discovers that she is very stubborn and independent and wants to forge her own life. After she finally realizes that her life is in danger, though, she's forced to allow Wick to keep her safe from harm. What neither of them wants to happen though is for there to be feelings to be developed. But they find that that's the one thing Wick can't protect them from!
This is another suspense novel that I think would be a great read for those of you who like that and a little romance thrown in, too.
Undercover Pursuit, the third and final book that I read in this series, involves another individual from the Stryker International security team. Luke Dekker has been assigned to protect the fiancee of a druglord's nephew. He's also been assigned to work with another individual--a woman named Stacey who will act as the bride's maid of honor and also help keep the bride safe. When Luke comes in contact with Scarlett Hanson, he believes that she's Stacey, the agent he's supposed to work with.
Scarlett Hanson is due to help her sister with her wedding. When Scarlett's flight lands, she finds Luke in her marked taxi, believing him to be the date her sister has fixed her up with for the wedding. What she doesn't realize is that Luke thinks she's an agent to help protect another woman's wedding--not her sister's wedding!
I thoroughly enjoyed all three of these books, and I highly recommend them for individuals who like suspense with a little clean romance mixed in.

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Susan May Warren is thrilled to announce the release of her 3 book Missions of Mercy series!

Three heroes, all on missions of mercy, who discover that God not only saves us from evil, but from the darkness inside.

Point of No Return: Can God deliver us from our mistakes? This question is posed to Chet and Mae as they race to save Mae’s nephew from an evil warlord in the Republic of Georgia. More here.

Mission: Out of Control: Does God turn his back on us when we fail? Brody and Vonya discover the answer as they conspire to capture an international smuggler and free a child soldier from war. More here.

Undercover Pursuit: What if we deliberately sin and harbor bitterness in our hearts? Is there a rescue from the dark places inside? Luke and Scarlett find out as they work to protect a bride-turned-informant whose courage could dismantle a human trafficking web. More here.

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I received the Mission of Mercy series as a complimentary gift in exchange for review from Litfuse Publicity Group.

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