Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Springtime of the Spirit - a Tyndale Review

Springtime of the Spirit, by Maureen Lang is a story that takes place in Germany just after the first world war. A fight between the existing party and the socialists ensues, and when Communism threatens, things rapidly get worse. Christophe Brecht, a German soldier who has gone to Munich to search for family friend Annaliese Duray, quickly finds himself thrust into a situation he doesn't really care for. Annaliese is involved with the socialist party, who is insistent upon creating a socialist Germany. Christophe finds himself thrown into the mix as he attempts to convince Annaliese to come home to her capitalist family.

When voting time comes and the socialist party loses, it's been decided that a joining up with the Communist party would be of benefit. This becomes explosive, and Annaliese and Christophe find themselves in danger, and desperately look for an avenue to get out of Munich. But when they're "stuck" with a wounded party leader, their way out looks impossible.

I LOVED this book, and I'm anxious to read more by Maureen Lang!

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