Thursday, June 23, 2011

Already Compromised - a Creation Conversations review

Already Compromised is a book by Ken Ham, founder and president of Answers in Genesis a website in defense of Creationism. This book that I was given for review (in Kindle format) is about the compromise that has taken place in Christian colleges and universities. This is a big topic of debate in a lot of Christian homes as parents prepare to send their children off to an institute where they feel their children will get a good, Godly experience in learning.

I do not have experience from having learned in a Christian college, unfortunately. The college I went to was a small, private work-study college that was a nice alternative to a Christian education. So while I cannot speak from experience, I can speak as a Christian mom and former secular student.

This book focuses on some research that Ken Ham, Greg Hall, Britt Beemer and America's Research Group undertook. Three hundred twelve people were surveyed for this research: presidents, vice presidents, religious department heads, and science department heads of Christian universities and colleges. The results that they found were sometimes disappointing, but not too shocking. The results revealed that many of our Christian institutions of learning do not teach Biblical foundations. Many teach that creationism is a theory, and that evolution is true. Other questions that were asked included topics (but not limited to) on whether the Bible is literally true; whether the flood of Noah was worldwide, regional or local; and if God created the world in six, literal 24 hour days. It was astounding to see how large the range of yes/no answers were among presidents, vice presidents, religious dept. heads, and science department heads. You would think they'd all agree, but no! But what I found was astounding was that the greatest area of trouble (especially where ideas such as evolution and the Bible being literally true were discussed) was not among those in the science department (where one would suspect that they'd tend to believe in evolution as opposed to creation), but instead the problem was prevalent among those in the department of religion! How disappointing.

I discussed the statistics with my husband and sons. My eleven year old was disgusted by some of the findings. When I read to them about the percentage of those who did not believe in a literal six-day, 24 hour creation, my son sighed. His response was: "I've got the answer to this problem. 'Put down your textbooks, and open your Bible.'"

How profound, coming from a child. You don't expect to hear such wisdom coming from a child, but they reveal how they understand more than we think they do. But he is right; too many times nowadays we're relying on man's words and man's ideas that we find in a textbook, and we don't spend enough time learning from God's own Word. If more of these colleges and universities would make the Bible their main textbook, maybe we wouldn't be wading through the Great Compromise.

I suggest that all Christian parents read this book. If you're considering sending your child to a Christian institute, you will find a link in Ken's book which will give you a list of the colleges and universities that he found to be founded on the Truth.

I received Already Compromised as a complimentary gift in exchange for review from New Leaf Publishing Group.

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