Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Rhythm of Secrets - a review

A few months ago, author Patti Lacy had a blogtour by Litfuse. A Facebook party was hosted, and Patti gave away some free books just for being there chatting at the party. The result of that was that I won a free book and a $10 gift card for Barnes & Noble! She sent me The Rhythm of Secrets, and I made her a promise that I'd review her book once I got the time. Sadly, I've had a ton of books to read and review, so I'm just now getting her review put up. Sorry, Patti!

At any rate, The Rhythm of Secrets was a fabulous read! It kept me on my toes, and I'll say first and this story continually drew me to keep picking it up. (I've got kids--trust me, I have to put books down often. lol)

The main character in the story Sheila Franklin has a lot of secrets that she's kept from her husband. As the wife of a minister of a large congregation, Sheila was worried that opening that closet full of skeletons would not only ruin his job but also ruin her marriage.

Memories of her past rise up and haunt her quite frequently, like the jazz music that seeps in her blood. Her past in New Orleans had long been buried but never forgotten, but one day when she received a phone call, all of her secrets slowly came crashing down.

If you read this book, you'll walk the Quarter with "Sheba," be forced to stay with nuns as "Sylvia," and finally land in Chicago and have her life transformed by Jesus Christ as Sheila. This is one book you'll want to buy and hold on to. You won't regret reading it!!

Click here to watch the trailer for the book!

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  1. Jami, what an arty blog! Praise God that you connected with my third baby! Happy reading...and a blessed Fourth of July!!!

  2. Keep writing, Patti, and I'll keep reading!! :D


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