Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bombus the Bumblebee - a Creation Conversations Review

Bombus the Bumblebee, by Elsie Larson (illustrated by David Haidle & Elizabeth Haidle), is a story about Bombus, a bumblebee. At 40 pages, this Christian fiction book published by Master Books, is appropriate for preschool children through early elementary.

Since this was a children's book, I'm including my review and the review of my first grader son, who also has read this book.

Jami's Review
The story takes place shortly after Creation. Bombus makes the mistake of listening to the honeybees who insisted that bumblebees were not meant to fly. They jeered and made fun of Bombus' big body and showed off their abilities to fly easily. Bombus quickly became self-conscious of his abilities to fly and even decided to stop flying altogether until God had a talk with him. "I told you to fly," God said. "No matter what your shape or weight, you can fly because I gave you flight. Now, lift up your wings . . . and FLY."

At the end of the story are pages dedicated to information about bumblebees, some discussion questions for children and adults, and some activities to go along with the story.

This was a cute story, the illustrations were very colorful, and my son Jacob, a second grader, read and reviewed this book as well.

Jacob's Review
This book is about Bombus the Bumblebee. The other bees are trying to trick Bombus; they are mean. I like the book. It's very cool. I think you should get the book. I love, love, love the book.

I received Bombus the Bumblebee as a complimentary gift in exchange for review from Creation Conversations. I was not required to give a positive review; my opinions are my own.

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