Sunday, September 4, 2011

Treasuring Emma - a BookSneeze review

Treasuring Emma, by Kathleen Fuller, was a nice Amish story. There were bits of romance and suspense laced throughout.

Main character, Emma, was an Amish woman who was unmarried at age 25. The young man that Emma had loved as a young girl had left the faith and gone to another state. When Adam left, Emma's heart went with him.

Having recently lost both of her parents, Emma and her grandmother Leona were forced to take care of the farm on their own. When Emma's sister Clara begins to make problems for Emma, heartache begins to ensue.

Shortly thereafter, Adam returns because of an illness that his mother seems to have, and Peter, Clara's husband, has a cousin show up at his and Clara's door. While Adam returns for a good reason, Mark King--Peter's cousin--arrives to wreak havoc.

I enjoyed this story, but there were a few things that left me a little perplexed. Mark's part in the story felt a little forced, as if the author felt like some action needed to be added to the story. His part seemed a bit jumbled to me, and I'd have been just as satisfied with his not being a part of the story at all.

Also, Clara and Emma had some issues that I felt needed to be fleshed out a bit more. There were problems between the two of them, and then the issues were resolved after Mark's situation was wrapped up. The mending of Clara's and Emma's relationship felt a little disjointed to me.

Otherwise, this is a great story to read, and if you like Amish stories, I'm sure this one will be a pleaser.

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