Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Switched! - a Tyndale review

Switched! is the fifth book in the TJ and the Time Stumblers series written by Bill Myers. This is a youth fiction novel that, in my opinion, would be a great book for 10-13 year olds. Girls or boys would enjoy it, but I have no girls so I can't give an adolescent girl's review. :) I did have my 12 year old son give it a read so that I could put his opinion out there. But first I'll give you my spill.

First of all, Switched! is a Christian fiction book, has a fantasy feel to it (time travel, invisible characters) as well as exciting and hilarious adventure, and is written in a fashion that would appeal to adolescents (primarily preteens). At 156 pages, the font isn't teeny tiny, so it won't take a child forever to read. At times, there is large font to convey excitement, which is appealing to the eye. The chapters are about the right length for a kid who likes to read one chapter at a time (about ten pages per chapter).

Goofball friends Tuna and Herby from the 23rd Century have teamed up to make their friend TJ Finkelstein the greatest leader of the world. First, however, they have to teach her many lessons along the way to prepare her for greatness. But when a futuristic technological gadget malfunctions, TJ finds herself in the body of her nemesis Hesper Breakahart! If that's not problematic enough, Tuna and Herby find themselves having a battle with their own enemy--Bruce Bruiseabone. The story is action-packed, full of hilarious problems to solve and goofy characters.

My son liked the part when TJ thought that Bruce Bruiseabone was trying to get after her. He was in the form of a crab and he chased her. She thought he was trying to kill her, but he was trying to tell her something. The book was funny, and he also recommends it for preteen adolescents.

If you're looking for a good series for your Christian adolescent like this one, I recommend it. It's funny, it's off the beaten path, and it's full of adventure from start to finish. I've not read the whole series, but I have a feeling that it will be one that my kids will enjoy in the future!

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