Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brush of Angel's Wings - a BookSneeze review

Brush of Angel's Wings is the first book I've read by Ruth Reid. Ruth did a wonderful job in capturing the qualities of the characters in this novel, and at times had me chuckling, feeling frustrated, and even in tears. This is a novel that will evoke emotion, and that tells me that the writing is good--and unique!

Rachel Hartzler is a 20-year old Amish girl who has decided that she will be an old  maid. She's never selected at the Amish youth singings, and so she's decided that she will never be a wife. She's content with that idea and, as a result, is a regular farm hand for her father (and, as a result, gives her less time to learn to cook, sew, etc.). Her only brother had died, and so Rachel felt needed by her father.

But when Jordan Engles, son of a shunned woman, showed up in the Amish community needing work, Micah Hartzler gratefully accepts him as an extra set of strong farm hands. Rachel becomes jealous of her father's relationship with Jordan and resentment rears its ugly head, leading to cruel treatment of Jordan. Jordan and Rachel eventually learn to work together, and its through learning of their losses that they determine to work together.

Interspersed into the story is a battle between two angels--Nathaniel and fallen angel Tangus. While the battle between good and evil does indeed exist, the writing of these two left me disappointed. It felt as if Nathaniel was acting as the Holy Spirit, whispering into Jordan's and Rachel's consciences, and that I didn't like. Parts also felt unreal, and honestly the angel parts could have been left completely out and the story wouldn't have been harmed in anyway. I just felt like the angels were thrown in there for a bonus that really wasn't needed. The storyline had enough excitement in it that the angels weren't necessary, in my opinion.

Overall, the story was very well written and gripping. I was very pleased with the way Ruth Reid weaved the characters' personalities and made everything come together.

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