Monday, April 9, 2012

Saving Hope

Saving Hope is a book right up my alley. Margaret Daley is an author whose books I've read in the past, so when I saw that she had a new book coming up, I wanted to snag it in a hurry!! If you love suspense and romance wrapped up in a Christian novel, this book won't disappoint!

This book is first in the series titled Men of Texas Rangers, so if you like Saving Hope, you'll want to keep looking for more from this series.

Kate Winslow, the director of Beacon of Hope, a shelter for teenage girls who have been caught up in prostitution rings, discovers that the shelter van is missing, along with one of her girls.

Wyatt Sheridan is a widowed father of teenage Maddie and is also a Texas Ranger. He has personal reasons for becoming involved with trying to break up the local teenage prostitution ring. When he and Kate Winslow come together to seek answers, Wyatt gets too close to finding the solution and Maddie becomes at risk for kidnapping by none other than the King of the ring himself.

This book is quite a lengthy story (a hefty 336 pages), but it doesn't feel like a lengthy read. It's a fast-paced story that will leave you breathless at times! If you're interested in reading a sample of this title, Margaret Daley currently has a sample on her website.

I'm grateful to have been given the opportunity to read and review Saving Hope through NetGalley and Abingdon Press. My opinions are my own.

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