Friday, November 7, 2014

Journey to Weight Loss

I had a baby last year, and since then the weight hadn't budged much. I began a paleo diet, and the weight started to melt right off. It was amazing how much better I felt, and seeing weight loss made it even better.

I've since then yo-yo'd on it, and so now I'm going to use this blog as an avenue to stay on track and continue on my journey.

My plan is to make posts here on the blog about what I'll be eating during the week. It's so much easier to stay on task if you already have a plan.

Each week, I plan on having a "Menu Monday" post where I post the week's menu and "Weigh-in Wednesday" where I post about how the week has gone.

Have your own weight loss journey? Share with me your successes or struggles! I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I never thought of trying the Paleo diet! I can imagine that it is hard to stick to though.
    I need to try to do something more, since I had a baby last year as well, and need to lose some extra weight before thinking about having another one.
    Thank you for being so honest!

    1. It is hard, but I know that for my body, it's better for me. I don't stick to it religiously (no gluten allergies or anything like that), and I allow for "cheat" days, but it makes me feel like I have so much more energy. I also notice that my inflammation from my neck (alignment issues) is so much better when I eat better.

      I wish you the best, Amanda! I hope that you are able to find your niche. Blessings!


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